Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Green with Envy

So, guess what I did? I made another t-shirt scarf!
Last Thursday I was hanging out with my friend at the awesome Twilight Concert Series in SLC.
She had this uber awesome scarf that she bought at a Farmers Market type dealio.
I thought hey, that's made out of a t-shirt. I can make that.
So, this time I used one of my mom's t-shirts.

What You Need:
A t-shirt you don't mind cutting up, and a pair of scissors. 

Step 1:
Cut off  the hem

Step 2:
Cut horizontal strips in the shirt, I did mine about 1/2''-1'' wide.
Cut until you reach the sleeves. If you use a rotary blade, this would also go a lot faster.

Step 3:
Take each strip and separate the fabric, then stretch it as far as it will stretch.
Do this to all of the strips, you will end up with a bunch of circular strips.

Step 4:
Cut off a strip of fabric from somewhere else on your t-shirt.
I took mine from the shoulder, stretch it out.

Step 5:
Take your strip of fabric and wrap it around your circular cut strips so that it keeps them
all together. I just wrapped it around and then tied the two ends in a square knot. 

You're Done!
Easy right? this took me proably about 5-10 min.

While eating my toast outside this morning..
I turned into a child and burned my name into a leaf using a magnifying glass.
It was fun. :)

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