Thursday, January 27, 2011

Childhood Pics

Last summer my mom scanned a bunch of slides from forever many years ago. These are probably my favorite ones. They're funny. Mostly cause I am awesome in both of them, stealing the show. jk, But really.

This snake one is my favorite. I am the 3 year old holding the huge snake. And what are my brothers holding? Fuzzy ol' hamsters. Wuddup?! P.s. I still love snakes.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It is snowing outside today, the first time in a while. A song came onto my ipod. The same song as in the video. And I remembered this day, driving around, in the snow listening to happy sunshine songs. Nothin' better then making a snowy day happy then a sunshine song. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tires & Fire Hydrants

 Today I took another nature walk. I found a different tire, but there wasn't a good place to prop up the camera. Anyway, the woods are gorgeous, and I know all my pics look the same, but I just love the trees and such. I now know that the fire hydrant does serve it's duty, dogs do go to it. I saw a dog with it. Enjoy.

inside of the tire was this stick

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gregory and the Hawk

I love how simple and delightful her lyircs are in almost every song. I also like Season Poem by them. It is just the music to listen if you are in one of those super chill moods.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sushi & Sushi

Last  night we went to Lexington for Sushi, we had soo much, and it was sooo delicious. We stopped at food lion on the way back and got some supplies. Back at the Lofts we had dessert sushi.. this consisted of a fruit roll up for the sea weed, then I smeared marshmallow creme on it, put rice crispies on it for the rice, and then stuck in gummy worms, m&m's and other gummies. It was really yummy. Denny, Brandon, and Mitchell showed us some sweet card tricks, and we just hung out. It vas fun.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Day of Birth

I am staring at my presents from my parents that I have had for now 2 weeks, I will luckily be able to open them later today as I skype my family, the anticipation is almost killing me. As of 8.30 my time in Virginia, 6.30 Utah time, I have officially turned 19. This new number marks a new found year of maturity and levelheadedness. Well, maybe. I remember always thinking how old and cool these 19 year-olds were, in college, the boys are going on missions, starting cool jobs. All that stuff. Well, here I am, friends leaving on missions, I'm doing college, and I still feel the TEEN part in nineteen. It's definitely still there. I have a feeling that even when I turn 20, in 365 days from now, I am going to still feel, definitely not my age. Maybe in this year I will go through some big revelation of adulthood-ness. Well, with my love of Beatles, I listened to the Birthday song. So Beatles, today, your well written song of non-harmonic chords of majesty will be dedicated to me, from me. Again, my blogger illiteracy has gotten in the way of my ability to put the song on here, but if you follow the link "Birthday"-The Beatles and the song will fill your ears with catchy music, that may possibly be stuck in your head all day.
 I also can not forget a song, that is totally dedicated to the year 19. And love, and such.. which does not exist in my life. But, no matter, it is still a great song.. you should listen to it too, by following this link. "Nineteen"- Tegan and Sarah
Well, I would like to thank everybody who has told me happy birthday, and yeah! You are awesome! Wish me luck on my new year of life!
This picture has nothing to do with my birthday, except, I guess it's a picture of me! And.. yes. That is the typical me of making faces, and wearing awesome designed clothes.. at least I think it's awesome.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long Week

Today is marking the official first Sunday of a new semester. Wow, slowest 4 days ever. I think I am finally getting back into the routine of things, kinda. I still need to try and go to bed earlier so I'm not so completely exhausted every single day. And I have only gone to two days of school. hehe. I took some cute pictures of Ashley while we were messing around on campus on Thursday which was fun.  Our first weekend here was pretty fun though, we went to two basketball games, both of which SVU won. woohoo! On Friday on Gina's computer we took a ton of photo booth pictures, some of which are on Georgina's Blog. We then just watched a bunch of movies on TV. On Saturday, we woke up at like 11.30 and cleaned, and Gina worked, and then we went to the other basketball game, and made guacamole.. it was so good, I'm excited to eat the leftovers. Dad should be proud that I insisted we buy hint of lime chips to eat with it. :) We then played apples to apples, where Georgina dominated, like ridiculously. She won an entire round, there were 6 of us playing. She had 11 cards, while the next closest had 4. We then watched a little of Aladdin, then went to a school dance for a little, and then me and the roomies chilled for like 2 hrs watching TV while I played with Gina's hair. Oh how I love french braiding her two colored hair, it looks sooo cool! One day I will convince her to let me do it for realsies :P Today is Sunday, we were only a couple minutes late to church.. for once I was the one who woke up first and woke the others up.. there may or may not have been some threatening on putting water on a certain person's face. hehe Well.. this is like the longest blog ever. Love You!!! Call me Anytime! :D Peace&Love

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Room Changes

Back at SVU. Camille moved out which gave her more room, and us more room. I moved into her location at the far end of the room next to the window, but against the wall. I like the new location of my desk and closet because I will not have to be worried about getting hit by the door all the time. Yay! We also raised Ashley's bed so she isn't shorter than us. Luckily Georgina is awesome and mostly did that. Here are the pics! I still just need to move a few things around.
bag, in a bag, in a bag, in a bag.

Extra stuff in the hallway


Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year in Review

The end of another year, and the end of another Century. It seems like just yesterday me and my friends were partying in a hotel room covered in tin foil with a strobe light, and doing midnight McDonald's runs with a friendly worker dancing for us. This past year I have graduated high school, turned 18, went to Russia/Paris/Finland, went to the East coast for college, and have made many friends.

Tin Foiling the room.
Brittney and Martha
Exercise Room
This past century also marks my growth from a young child, to a... young adult. Still need to learn a lot, but I have completed grade school. I also now have two married siblings, which means I now have 2 sisters! This New Years I rang it in with my family, it was fun hanging out with them, maybe that marks that I'm maturing if I think hanging out with my family is cool. ;) I resolve this year, to study more, to do something awesome, to eat healthier, and to be more outgoing. I know new years resolutions are dumb, so even if I don't approve on these points, at least I can notice my weaknesses and work on them a little bit more everyday, and maybe someday, I will be super awesome! Hearts! ☮ ♥