Saturday, September 24, 2011

I did Wall Decor

My Mod/House is really ugly.
I did some wall decor to help make it look a little better.

What You Need:
Pizza Boxes (Pizza Hut gave me some for free)
Command Strips

Step 1:
Paint Yo Boxes black, or white, or whatever color you want.
the paint covers the words, so you can't read it through the fabric.

Step 2:
Wrap Up the boxes in Fabric!
lay box on fabric face down.
cut corners.
Put glue on opposite sides.
Stick fabric onto it.
Put glue on remaining sides.. stick on the fabric.

Step 3:
Before you hang it on the wall, have a pattern in mind.
Put Command strips on the back of the boxes.
Stick it on your wall!


Also, I have RED in my Hair!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I Did Nautical Nails

So, my reward for finishing my first college essay was...
Nautical Nails!

What You Need:
Polish, I chose white blue, and black.
You can definitely do this with any colors.
I used painters tape,
I'm sure there are better options, I just don't have it.

Step 1:
Paint white on whole nail.

Step 2:
Cut tape into thin strips, with a slight curve.
Put tape over bottom part of nail.
Paint nail with blue.

Step 3:
Let blue completely dry.
Take of tape.
Put tape back on, but with a strip of blue covered.
Paint with black.
I just did a thin layer of black
because of this, the blue showed through, and it looks navy in light.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

In Memory

I took a drive.
Came to a really old cemetery.
There were revolutionary war soldiers buried there.
It's constitution day today.
God Bless America

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The College Lazy-Man's Pizza

Pasta Sauce
Good Music to Play in the Background

Step 1:
Set oven to Broil
Yes, that is showing you.. Broil
Step 2:
Put on sauce.
Put on a sprinkling of cheese.
Put on all other toppings.
I really like cheese.. so I put on more.

Step 3:
Put oven for about 4-5 min.
Just watch until cheese melts.

It tastes good too!

Also, the thing that took the longest was waiting for my oven to heat up.
This is me waiting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I did Newspaper Nails

What You Need:
Base Coat
Top Coat
Rubbing Alcohol

Step One:
Paint base coat.
Let dry, all the way.
For reals, this is important.
Watch a movie or somethin', like the Prestige.

Step Two:
Dip finger into rubbing alcohol for about 5 sec.
Take out, put newspaper on nail.
Hold on nail for 2-5 sec.
Drop some more rubbing alcohol on top so it comes off easily.

Step Three:
Put on your top coat.
Let dry.. duh.

I did this with my friends, it was cute.
Also, make sure it is smearable ink, or else you'll have problems.
It won't come off onto your nail very well.

Love You.