Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I made a Shirt Cuff Bracelet

So, yesterday I made my Painting Shirt.
Today, I had the bottom of the sleeves that I had cut off.
I had to do somethin' with em.
I made me some bracelets.
I think they turned out cute, and I got a couple compliments already. :)

What You Need:
A shirt cuff, from a dress shirt. duh.
Scissors or rotary blade.
Needle&thread or Sewing Machine.

Step 1:
Cut cuff off.
cut to width that you would like.
I like mine about an 1/2''-1''

Step 2:
This part depends on how loose/tight you want your bracelet.
I put mine on my wrist, then I marked how tight I wanted it.
Then I sewed it so that it fit on my wrist nicely.

Step 3:
Glue sides and ends to prevent fraying.

All Done!

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