Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I did Newspaper Nails

What You Need:
Base Coat
Top Coat
Rubbing Alcohol

Step One:
Paint base coat.
Let dry, all the way.
For reals, this is important.
Watch a movie or somethin', like the Prestige.

Step Two:
Dip finger into rubbing alcohol for about 5 sec.
Take out, put newspaper on nail.
Hold on nail for 2-5 sec.
Drop some more rubbing alcohol on top so it comes off easily.

Step Three:
Put on your top coat.
Let dry.. duh.

I did this with my friends, it was cute.
Also, make sure it is smearable ink, or else you'll have problems.
It won't come off onto your nail very well.

Love You.


  1. Where on earth do you come up with all this stuff?
    Very Girly! Pretty creative I might add....


  2. Some I find instructions online, some I see somewhere and try to make it, and others I just think up.
    Thank You.