Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Made Another T-Shirt Scarf

Today, I made another t-shirt scarf.
I found the idea on the web, but I kinda made it my own.
It's a lot like the green with envy scarf I made.

T-shirt (or multiple if you want yours colorful)

Step 1:
Cut off hem

Step 2:
Cut your shirt into about 1'' horizontal strips

Step 3:
Stretch out your new made rings.

Step 4:
Wrap each ring around your hand, making smaller rings.
I looped mine about 4 times.
This is a preference on how you want these.
Also, how big your t-shirt stretched.

Step 5:
Cut out about 2-3'' strips from unused fabric on shirt.
Stretch them.
Use them to tie your newly made rings together.


Also, I made a bracelet.

What You need:
t-shirt scraps,
colorful hemp.(walmart)

put ends together.

wrap hemp around, tie knot.

wrap hemp around both ends to connect them.