Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skiing, Christmas, Family & Friends

Me and the Brothers
Matt Cat and Dad Hug

Me and my Parents on the Chairlift

Skiing through the Legs

Christmas Carols

Ma & Pa
My present to Ma & Pa

My Presents

Dinosaur movies

Dino Prints

Drivin' from St. George

The Beautiful Scenery
The time home in Utah has been so stinkin' fun so far. I have had lots of fun with family game nights, and movie watching. I also have hung out and gone hot tubbing with my friends, which has also been so nice to hook up with them. I went down to St. George with my friend Morgan to go to Brady Johnson's farewell. It was fun seeing him and Mitch and Nikelle. I stayed the night at Georgina's house where we skyped Ashley and Layton, which was super fun. On Monday we then went to lunch with Georgina's dad, which was yummy, then to the footprint Dinosaur Exhibition museum thing, then we did a little shopping, after that it was time to go home. The roads were foggy on the way back, but I still got home in 4 hrs which is pretty good.(that was my time going down too.) My dad made breakfast for the family this morning which was super yummy, then we went shopping, and I have finally had time to catch up on my blogs today! :D I love you all, Have a good rest of the holiday.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 Here are some before and after pics of me hair! I like it a lot, it's not a ton different, but it's about shoulder length with some fun asymmetry in front. I chickened out of getting the pixie cut after having misunderstandings with my hair dresser, and all the other hair dressers telling me not to do it. 
Since I have come home, I realized how little thought that I had put into changing my nickname, I have basically decided I do like Mia, but Amy is great, and Amelia is my real name. I looked up their definitions, so you should decide on how you view me! I think they all are kinda true, to a point.

  •  Mia: She is a crazy girl. Makes jokes most people do not understand.  You will be stunned when you meet a Mia. An amazing girl who knows how to have fun and put a smile on your face. One in a million, hard to find. Has a tendency of being very beautiful. Very independent and very hard to tie down. Naturally artistic and very honest girl. She will never be seen without looking totally gorgeous, in the raw or gussied up! They have gorgeous hearts and minds to match their stunning looks. If you meet a Mia you will forever be fascinated by her mysterious charisma. Mia is also mine in Italian. So, every man wants one.
  • Amy: just about the most coolest person you'll ever meet. A girl so is very mellow and laid back.
    about the hottest they'll get. Derived from Old French aimée meaning "beloved" This name usually represents a bubbly blond(I act it at times) beautiful beauty full of passion, ambition and love. 
  • Amelia: A crazy, awesome, loud, lovable girl. Impossible not to be smiling when around her. She lights up the entire room when she comes in. The bestest friend you will ever have. A female who is of average height, but seems to be taller because of the large and charismatic attitude with which she goes through life. Capable of being both beautiful and adorable, extremely intelligent and extremely blonde, never values herself accurately, and has beautiful eyes known to mankind. Can usually be found near any large collection of music and generally extremely ticklish.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Fun and Traveling

I am soo excited to be home. Yesterday it snowed like crazy, so while Gina, Layton, and I were having fun playing in the snow after finals, our friends were stuck at airports with delayed flights.

Luckily today it cleared up way nicely and it has been really smooth flying! I did not sleep at all last night I was so excited. I caught the 3:45 shuttle to Roanoke airport, and then flew on this super small plane to Chicago, had a layover, then flew to Denver, where I am right now. On the plane ride here I sat by this guy who was fat, old, and smelt like onions. He was really nice though and definitely had a grandfather caring side in him. He kept telling me all this stuff about airplanes and landmarks and stuff the whole flight over. He then showed me the way to my next gate. It made me smile and giggle. I then took an hour long flight back to SLC! My mom and brother picked me up and we went to 5 guys, it was soo delicious after eating nothing all day.

Back at home the family set up the fun Christmas tree in our family room, which was super fun. We have just been hanging out since then. Gotta love the fam! Excited to see Jon&Nicole on Sunday.

My Aeroplane


Decorating the tree

Finger Puppets

Me and the Family

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have officially finished my first ever semester of college!! Yay!! I never realized just how stressed out a person can be, I'm pretty sure I ate more food this week then I ever have before just cause of nerves, and my brain is jello from all the information I have pounded into it, which is fine, because I have 3 weeks to think about nothing, I doubt I will lose the few pounds though, since it is Christmas time, and my mom is making delicious food. All I need to do before I leave is pack, clean up the room, take down Christmas decorations and I am good to go! I am sooo super happy to see all my friends and family back home :) I think I will definitely miss my buddies here though, all but Layton and Gina left this morning. We had one last Pizza Night to celebrate our friendship.
Chloe and Ashley
Layton, Mitch, Andy, and Brady

Epic picture

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Love Tree

 In the Spring I noticed the fantastic heart tree.
In Winter, I noticed that it still looks like a heart.
I love this tree! It's my favoritist ever :)
Everyone should make a cheesy metaphor of the tree with relationships/marriage

Winter Tree
Spring Tree

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ode to Cold Weather

Cold weather, you are not very fun.
When I have to walk outside, I end up needing to run.

You chill my fingers and toes,
and you even sting my ears and nose.

Could you let up on the wind?
It gets in my jacket and under my chin.

I can't wear enough layers to stop you.
I wear sweaters, hoodies, gloves, and shoes.

This is proof that the Beev has been colder then my hometown. What the goodness.
I thought I would be getting warmer weather by coming out here.
If it's gunna be this cold it should just snow. haha
This is luckily the warmest it has been for a while. It was getting down to 13 degrees with the wind chill the past couple of days.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I love Peaches... I was eating a whole can of peaches while studying, and this song came into mind.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Interview With Creepy Hand Model (CBS Interview)

Hand Model

Look at the video above. I couldn't put it with this post for some reason.. but read on ;)

This Video basically, just makes me laugh on the inside and outside. 
This lady is crazy. I attempted to be a hand model myself. 
I don't think I would be very good.
I don't care that much about my hands.
This story reminds me of the Seinfeld when George become a hand model. That is a funny episode. They must of gotten the story from her.

I couldn't put that video up, but you should watch it for sure!

Snowin' Blowin' Dancin' Prancin'

 On Friday we had a little snow flurry, with no sticking. But on Saturday, December 4th, marks the first real snow in the Beev! It snowed about an inch and a half, but, unfortunately it is pretty much all melted now, except where the sun can't shine on very well. 

It was fun having something new to take pictures of though. I love the way snow just gently falls onto branches, houses, grass, and everything else. It just stays there, a perfect dusting outlining the world making it look so peaceful and elegant. It was like mother nature was dressing up to go to the Winter Ball with my friends and I.  

Me and Lebers enjoying the snow

Brady and Layton
Ashely enjoying the first actual snow of her life.

The Gang! except Andrew

 Saturday was the Winter Ball, so our group put ourselves back together from after playing in the snow and went to that. It was pretty fun. Afterwards we did a walk in B.V. It was super cold, but it was fun with the snow and seeing the lights that they put up on their main street.

Andrew, Lebo, Brady, Layton, Georgina, Me, and Mitchell
Lookin' hawt for the dance. :P