Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Fun and Traveling

I am soo excited to be home. Yesterday it snowed like crazy, so while Gina, Layton, and I were having fun playing in the snow after finals, our friends were stuck at airports with delayed flights.

Luckily today it cleared up way nicely and it has been really smooth flying! I did not sleep at all last night I was so excited. I caught the 3:45 shuttle to Roanoke airport, and then flew on this super small plane to Chicago, had a layover, then flew to Denver, where I am right now. On the plane ride here I sat by this guy who was fat, old, and smelt like onions. He was really nice though and definitely had a grandfather caring side in him. He kept telling me all this stuff about airplanes and landmarks and stuff the whole flight over. He then showed me the way to my next gate. It made me smile and giggle. I then took an hour long flight back to SLC! My mom and brother picked me up and we went to 5 guys, it was soo delicious after eating nothing all day.

Back at home the family set up the fun Christmas tree in our family room, which was super fun. We have just been hanging out since then. Gotta love the fam! Excited to see Jon&Nicole on Sunday.

My Aeroplane


Decorating the tree

Finger Puppets

Me and the Family

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