Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 Here are some before and after pics of me hair! I like it a lot, it's not a ton different, but it's about shoulder length with some fun asymmetry in front. I chickened out of getting the pixie cut after having misunderstandings with my hair dresser, and all the other hair dressers telling me not to do it. 
Since I have come home, I realized how little thought that I had put into changing my nickname, I have basically decided I do like Mia, but Amy is great, and Amelia is my real name. I looked up their definitions, so you should decide on how you view me! I think they all are kinda true, to a point.

  •  Mia: She is a crazy girl. Makes jokes most people do not understand.  You will be stunned when you meet a Mia. An amazing girl who knows how to have fun and put a smile on your face. One in a million, hard to find. Has a tendency of being very beautiful. Very independent and very hard to tie down. Naturally artistic and very honest girl. She will never be seen without looking totally gorgeous, in the raw or gussied up! They have gorgeous hearts and minds to match their stunning looks. If you meet a Mia you will forever be fascinated by her mysterious charisma. Mia is also mine in Italian. So, every man wants one.
  • Amy: just about the most coolest person you'll ever meet. A girl so is very mellow and laid back.
    about the hottest they'll get. Derived from Old French aimée meaning "beloved" This name usually represents a bubbly blond(I act it at times) beautiful beauty full of passion, ambition and love. 
  • Amelia: A crazy, awesome, loud, lovable girl. Impossible not to be smiling when around her. She lights up the entire room when she comes in. The bestest friend you will ever have. A female who is of average height, but seems to be taller because of the large and charismatic attitude with which she goes through life. Capable of being both beautiful and adorable, extremely intelligent and extremely blonde, never values herself accurately, and has beautiful eyes known to mankind. Can usually be found near any large collection of music and generally extremely ticklish.

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