Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Made a Barbie Towel

I saw my roommate Nike Cleverly
with a super cute towel that stayed up on it's own.
It gave me the idea to make my own!
Like one I had for my barbies.
Barbie Towel

What You Need
1 Bath Towel- you want it wide enough so folded over about 2 inches it's still long enough.
(mine was 30inx54in)
Sew On Velcro: I got the widest I could find (2in)
Heavy Stretch Waistband Elastic: widest I could find (1 1/2' in)
Thread: A matching color
Ribbon: If you want some decoration

Step One
Take towel and fold over one edge(long edge)
Wide enough that the elastic can fit inside.
Pin and Sew

Step Two
Put elastic around body on top of chest.(where you want your towel to sit)
Measure how long it needs to be to go around, tight but not too tight.

Step Three
Place a diaper pin, or big safety pin on one end.
Thread through newly sewn opening. 
Stop when end of the elastic is at the end of the towel and sew down.

Step Four
Continue to pull elastic through towel until about 4-6 inches are left on the end.
sew down elastic

Step Five
Sew on Velcro. Rough side onto the leftover 6 inches.
I sewed along the edges
Fuzzy side onto the opposite end(about 8 inches)
 on the opposite side(so when you wrap it around it connects)
I sewed this in vertical lines so that it could still scrunch up with the towel.


I added a bit of ribbion to the edge of the towel for decoration: