Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's All Free!

So I for one hate buying songs, like I hate it a lot. I also love Indie music, which means that you can listen to the non popular guys and still totally and completely enjoy listening to the songs. Especially since no one really knows what indie is anyways. So, recently I have been searching for some places to get some free downloads. Here are my Results

1. FrostClick.com
I really like this website to discover the new and unknown bands. They have hundreds of free albums, from rising artists. They also come in a bunch of genres, and, if you like games, you can download some free ones of those too.

2. WholeWheatCracker.com
This guys is pretty legit. Right now he has 36 "mixtapes" that you can download for free. These mixtapes have about 8-15 songs on them, and though some of the songs I don't really care for, I like most of them. He also puts up just a free MP3 download every once in a while. This is definitely a good place to check out. He also does songs from a lot of different genres.

3. Amazon.com
Okay, so people probably already know about this one, but, under MP3's they have free songs from upcoming artists every month, and then they also have a section, if you scroll down far enough on the MP3 home page, that you can download some free various artist albums. So, there are a lot of free song possibilities there.

4. iTunes
This is the last place I got for free songs. Once a week iTunes puts up about 5 free songs to download. Usually a music video, a song for the Hispanic crowd, an Indie spotlight, and a discovery download. A lot of these songs I will get, and then hear on the radio a couple months later. It's pretty legit.

Good Luck to you my fellow free song downloaders. I hope these links help you out, and if you know of any other good websites or blogs please comment it! Peace&Love