Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skiing, Christmas, Family & Friends

Me and the Brothers
Matt Cat and Dad Hug

Me and my Parents on the Chairlift

Skiing through the Legs

Christmas Carols

Ma & Pa
My present to Ma & Pa

My Presents

Dinosaur movies

Dino Prints

Drivin' from St. George

The Beautiful Scenery
The time home in Utah has been so stinkin' fun so far. I have had lots of fun with family game nights, and movie watching. I also have hung out and gone hot tubbing with my friends, which has also been so nice to hook up with them. I went down to St. George with my friend Morgan to go to Brady Johnson's farewell. It was fun seeing him and Mitch and Nikelle. I stayed the night at Georgina's house where we skyped Ashley and Layton, which was super fun. On Monday we then went to lunch with Georgina's dad, which was yummy, then to the footprint Dinosaur Exhibition museum thing, then we did a little shopping, after that it was time to go home. The roads were foggy on the way back, but I still got home in 4 hrs which is pretty good.(that was my time going down too.) My dad made breakfast for the family this morning which was super yummy, then we went shopping, and I have finally had time to catch up on my blogs today! :D I love you all, Have a good rest of the holiday.

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