Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fixed up Dress

Sooooooo.... I found this dress at the D.I. thrift shop for like 4 bucks. was the fabric cute? yes. 
Was the bust part cute? yes. Neckline cute? yes. Sleeves cute? no. Length good? no.
Which means, I got to fix it up! :)

I just hemmed it up, hemmed the sleeves, and made them from flowy, to actual sleeves.
Then I made a matching flower to put on the waist to give it some style from the extra fabric.
Here is if you want to make a flower too.




  1. How did you do that!? I'm so not skilled at sewing but I loved how you fixed the sleeves!

  2. Thanks Gina! For the sleeves I hemmed them. And then I got my t-shirt and just kinda followed the pattern for that. :)