Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I made this Flower

Soo.. I was fixing up this dress I got from the thrift store.
I had some extra fabric, and I thought...
This dress would be cute with a little flower thing on it.
So... I made one :)

Fabric strips, about 1'' wide, you can use scrap pieces

Step 1:
Sew these fabric strips together, and zig zag around the edges..
It will help with the fraying.

Step 2:
cut a circle/ovally piece of fabric out.
I was going for circle, but it turned out oval.. I honestly don't think it really matters.

Step 3:
Pin your sewn together strips around the oval fabric.
Starting from the outside in, pin the fabric.
I used little tucks so that it would go around smoothly. This also created a cute flower look.
Also only do about once around the circle at a time.

Step 4:
I did a straight stitch following the edge of the fabric. 
Keep pinning and sewing until you reach the middle.

You're Done!
I put it on my dress.. but I think it would be uber cute as a headband, or hair clip.

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