Monday, August 8, 2011

Make Your Own Scarves!

So.. I came across this web page the other day. I thought, what? I can have two cute scarves from one t-shirt? Heck yeah! So, tonight I raided my parents t-shirt collection, since I like all of my t-shirts. Chose one from my dad's collection. And made the scarves. Here is the super simple process if you want to make them too!

What You Need:
You need a pair of scissors and a t-shirt that you don't mind cutting up.

Step 1:
Turn the t-shirt inside out, and cut off the sleeves.

Step 2:
From where you cut the sleeves, but a little half circle. Then cut off the neck.

Step 3:
Starting from the middle, cut a fringe. Yup. After you do that. You are DONE with scarf #1

Scarf #2
Step 1:
Take the bottom of the shirt that you have left, and cut off the bottom seam, and then make a straight cut across the top. You're DONE!

Loop it Twice for a Different Look

It takes like 10 minutes tops to make these two cute scarves, I propose you try it. Plus, whilst raiding my dad's closet, I found an awesome Mickey sweater, and now it's mine. So who know's what you'll find!
Happy Crafting!

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