Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year in Review

The end of another year, and the end of another Century. It seems like just yesterday me and my friends were partying in a hotel room covered in tin foil with a strobe light, and doing midnight McDonald's runs with a friendly worker dancing for us. This past year I have graduated high school, turned 18, went to Russia/Paris/Finland, went to the East coast for college, and have made many friends.

Tin Foiling the room.
Brittney and Martha
Exercise Room
This past century also marks my growth from a young child, to a... young adult. Still need to learn a lot, but I have completed grade school. I also now have two married siblings, which means I now have 2 sisters! This New Years I rang it in with my family, it was fun hanging out with them, maybe that marks that I'm maturing if I think hanging out with my family is cool. ;) I resolve this year, to study more, to do something awesome, to eat healthier, and to be more outgoing. I know new years resolutions are dumb, so even if I don't approve on these points, at least I can notice my weaknesses and work on them a little bit more everyday, and maybe someday, I will be super awesome! Hearts! ☮ ♥

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