Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Day of Birth

I am staring at my presents from my parents that I have had for now 2 weeks, I will luckily be able to open them later today as I skype my family, the anticipation is almost killing me. As of 8.30 my time in Virginia, 6.30 Utah time, I have officially turned 19. This new number marks a new found year of maturity and levelheadedness. Well, maybe. I remember always thinking how old and cool these 19 year-olds were, in college, the boys are going on missions, starting cool jobs. All that stuff. Well, here I am, friends leaving on missions, I'm doing college, and I still feel the TEEN part in nineteen. It's definitely still there. I have a feeling that even when I turn 20, in 365 days from now, I am going to still feel, definitely not my age. Maybe in this year I will go through some big revelation of adulthood-ness. Well, with my love of Beatles, I listened to the Birthday song. So Beatles, today, your well written song of non-harmonic chords of majesty will be dedicated to me, from me. Again, my blogger illiteracy has gotten in the way of my ability to put the song on here, but if you follow the link "Birthday"-The Beatles and the song will fill your ears with catchy music, that may possibly be stuck in your head all day.
 I also can not forget a song, that is totally dedicated to the year 19. And love, and such.. which does not exist in my life. But, no matter, it is still a great song.. you should listen to it too, by following this link. "Nineteen"- Tegan and Sarah
Well, I would like to thank everybody who has told me happy birthday, and yeah! You are awesome! Wish me luck on my new year of life!
This picture has nothing to do with my birthday, except, I guess it's a picture of me! And.. yes. That is the typical me of making faces, and wearing awesome designed clothes.. at least I think it's awesome.

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  1. We loved talking to you. Sorry it was a bad connection but at least we got to see you open up your gifts. Thanks for waiting.