Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowin' Blowin' Dancin' Prancin'

 On Friday we had a little snow flurry, with no sticking. But on Saturday, December 4th, marks the first real snow in the Beev! It snowed about an inch and a half, but, unfortunately it is pretty much all melted now, except where the sun can't shine on very well. 

It was fun having something new to take pictures of though. I love the way snow just gently falls onto branches, houses, grass, and everything else. It just stays there, a perfect dusting outlining the world making it look so peaceful and elegant. It was like mother nature was dressing up to go to the Winter Ball with my friends and I.  

Me and Lebers enjoying the snow

Brady and Layton
Ashely enjoying the first actual snow of her life.

The Gang! except Andrew

 Saturday was the Winter Ball, so our group put ourselves back together from after playing in the snow and went to that. It was pretty fun. Afterwards we did a walk in B.V. It was super cold, but it was fun with the snow and seeing the lights that they put up on their main street.

Andrew, Lebo, Brady, Layton, Georgina, Me, and Mitchell
Lookin' hawt for the dance. :P

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