Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Beginning..

With the end of Thanksgiving break, brings the excitement for Christmas! On Saturday Georgina, Layton, Lebo and I decided to get some Christmas decorations from Family Dollar. We found tons of stuff which was great! Luckily, we spend more than expected on stuff, but we can use the Christmas items from year to year! Me and Lebo shipped our Christmas finds back to our dorms, using a found shopping cart.. yes, we pushed it a long ways. You don't realize how bumpy roads are until you are pushing a rattling shopping cart. We all decorated the Christmas tree we bought, which definitely is perfect for all of us, since we can't help put up our own at homes. And it now resides outside our room, and it makes me smile every time I see it.
On Friday the couple(Georgina & Layton) and I went to Lexington for the day and walked around the shops there, which was fun. When we were leaving a shop a lady asked us if we were going to the lighting of the town's Christmas tree, and we found out that they meet at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and walk down the main street holding candles and singing Christmas carols, then go to the city park, where they have hot chocolate and cookies, and light the Christmas Tree. So we did that, and it was super fun. I love small town things sometimes! Afterwards we went to a sushi bar, and had delicious sushi, I never realized how yummy it was since I never had it at home.
The beginning also means, the beginning of the end, which means Finals, my first finals ever, scary! It is so hard to concentrate on studying when all you want to do is celebrate Christmas and have fun with friends! But, with two weeks of school and then finals, I definitely need to crack down. I have done all right on that. I also have a Orchestra Concert this week and a Choir Concert next week that I am trying to get ready for. So, I am slightly stressing, which is reflected in my eye twitching all the time, and my inability to sleep. I may have to reside on taking Benedryl(yes dad, it does work) to get a few hours of sleep. That is all. I love you! ♥
Bookstore with Harry Potter store qualities.
Ready to light our Candles
Our Christmas Tree!

Enjoying the Pie Lebers brought home
At the lighting of the tree

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