Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Church Buildings

As I was studying in the institute here at school, I got slightly side tracked thinking about all the differences between the church building here, and the one I go to at home. The chapel is the normal two small benches with one long one in the middle, but it's fatter, and it has back row benches. The wards are smaller then back home, so it makes sense that it is smaller, there is also a wheelchair ramp up to the podium, which my home ward doesn't have. The colors here are green for the benches, like home. But a light wood, and not the red mahogany color, the pew and everything else is also that light wood, unlike the white. Also, there is a study room at the institute, and not at home.. which makes sense. In the classrooms there are whiteboards, and not chalkboards. There is a missionary board at home and here. So I know the church is the same everywhere.. but also, the churches are really quite similar on the West coast and on the East coast.

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