Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Monday

So.. today is a Monday, if ya wanted to know. I thought I had missed my Biology class this morning when I woke up to light coming in from the window and I had a few moments of panic until I realized we just had daylight savings! As Georgina told me, Biology is definitely less painful when it is light outside. It's weird that the sun is already setting and I haven't even had dinner yet though, that's kinda depressing. The weather today was perfect once it was full on sun! So, even though I usually hate Monday with a passion, this one was pretty good! I woke up to light, watched America's Next Top Model, ate oreo's and milk, made myself a picture a day blog, that you should check out... the link is posted, and I mailed letters to my friends, and sent my old camera to my parents!

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