Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swingin' through Life

I have awesome friends.
On Facebook, all of our status's said "I love my friends"
We are awesome. ☮ ♥
On Friday night we had another bonfire, we ran into some people while we were in the Lobby of the Lofts, and invited them up. Apparently the girl is thinking of coming out here and was with the brother and her sister, they all were really nice we hung out with em the rest of the day. After the fire, we went to see my roommate Camille perform with the show choir here called Encore, it was fun and I'm glad we went. We then went back up to the Lofts and watched Baby Mama, probably becoming one of my favorite movies, I have watched it like 4 times since I have been here, it's crazy. We then went to the swing that is on the hill by campus and were there for like an hour, in the freezing cold. My bum got totally numb, it was horrible, but still super fun.
On Saturday, I cleaned, then did sectionals for choir and orchestra, and then all the sudden it was eating time. The group excluding Layton & Georgina went to Mitch's mod/trailer/thing and watched a movie, it was pretty good. And then just came back up here, and went to bed.
We were still late to church today. Lebo also left today, which makes me sad, I miss her already, everyone is already noticing how Georgina and I just look weird without Lebo, just kidding, but they notice she's gone. This evening our Family Home Evening groups delivered food to people in the stake who needed some help, we went to this cute little old ladies house, when I complimented how much I adored her house she said it was a "normal country house" and she had this cute accent, and gave us hugs. I want to visit her all the time, too bad I have no car. Anyway, we then came back to the church and had a dinner, where we ran into Mitchell and Brady, who told us to go sit where we were sitting before, and they had written us a cute note on a napkin, made my day. Well, I am super happy to only have 2 days of school this week, and I will need to find stuff to fill my no school Thanksgiving Break days with. 
Love Always ♥
Brady and Andrew

Me and the Lebster

The Giant(Brady) and Mini Mia

Andrew's angry face

Lebo swingin'
Lebo Nappin'

Gina and Layton's Drawing
Love letter

The Cutest Ones of the Bunch

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