Sunday, November 14, 2010


Bonfire in the Mountains

Roomies! Aren't we just Adorable?

Our Tacky-Tack matching Virginia Sweaters! :D

Dinner at Macado's yumm yumm
This weekend was super fun! Andrew's sister had come to visit him so we proposed that it was going to be a Fiesta!  On Friday the gang consisting of the roomies, Brady, Layton, Mitch, and Andrew,  went to Macado's in Lexington and had a nice dinner, it was really nice eating something that wasn't cafeteria, or microwave food. It was super fun except that, Macado's had these statues of baseball players, that looked really realistic, one was at the top of these stairs, which scared me, and then I jumped again when I saw the one that was by our table. Bad decorating decision if I should say so myself. It's not good to scare your costumers. haha 
After dinner we went up to the mountains and had a bonfire. The guys showed their boy scout skills and made a great fire. We had these huge marshmallows that are specifically made for s'more making, it takes up two whole graham crackers, and half a bar of chocolate to make this awesome s'more. But they were soooo yummy. (Dad would be proud of my perfect marshmallow making skills, tan on the outside mooshy all the way through the inside)
On Saturday I attempted studying in the library for a few hours, I got a good hour or so in, and then Lebo came in and we got distracted and took some funny photobooth pictures on my computer. But it was super fun. That night the school was showing Inception in the SAC so we all watched that, since Andrew has been wanting to see that movie for probably 3 weeks now. It is the craziest mind-blowing movie ever, but it was good. We then drank hot chocolate outside, which is now, I decided that I should always drink hot chocolate when I'm outside cause it's so darn cold, and it keeps you warm. 
Then today is Sunday, and.. yeah, normal Sunday stuff. We were late to church, as always. haha but we are getting less late, which is good, it's just hard when church is so early. Me and Lebo now both have a cough, so we tag team a lot in our coughing, which I feel bad for the people sleeping with us. Georgina made us some tea which I am now attempting to drink, it's not very good, but I hear it's helps ya feel better, so why not give it a try, yeah? What is left to do today is call my loving parents, and go to hymns on the hill, which should be fun. I love you all. ☮

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