Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have officially finished my first ever semester of college!! Yay!! I never realized just how stressed out a person can be, I'm pretty sure I ate more food this week then I ever have before just cause of nerves, and my brain is jello from all the information I have pounded into it, which is fine, because I have 3 weeks to think about nothing, I doubt I will lose the few pounds though, since it is Christmas time, and my mom is making delicious food. All I need to do before I leave is pack, clean up the room, take down Christmas decorations and I am good to go! I am sooo super happy to see all my friends and family back home :) I think I will definitely miss my buddies here though, all but Layton and Gina left this morning. We had one last Pizza Night to celebrate our friendship.
Chloe and Ashley
Layton, Mitch, Andy, and Brady

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  1. love all our bestie lovin. love you. imma miss you.
    i just left a threatening note on your desk that you'd better say goodbye to me....or else. yeah.