Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Made a NO Sew Artist Shirt

I kinda stole this one. Not kinda, I did steal it.
From this Website.
I have officially started intro to painting today.
I came into the great dilemma of, I do not want to get paint on my clothes.
So I remembered finding this link.
I will put the directions on here also.

What You Need:
A Large Mens' dress shirt. I got mine at Good Will for like $3
In the Big and Tall Men's Shirts.

Step 1:
Cut off 1/2 sleeves.
Cut off collar, but leave on the seem so it doesn't fray.
Then cut off the buttons, and button hole stuff on the front.

Step 2:
Connect your button and button-hole strip.

put on like shirt, button at top, wrap new "belt" around waist. 

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