Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Made an Eye-Shadow Matte Nail Polish

So, I have been obsessed with the idea of Matte nail polish.
Unfortunately my funds are short, and I don't think it's worth buying it.
But, I do have a crazy amount of left-over colorful eye-shadow from Jr. High.
I also am on pinterest a lot and came across this awesome recipe.

Eye-Shadow(finely crushed)
Clear Nail Polish

What You Do:
Mix it up!! I just added a lil' clear polish until it was a glue-like consistency

Paint it On! So easy right? And it looks super cool and Stylish!!

I also learned a great way to remove nail polish.
 It used to take me FOREVER until I found this.

Get Cotton Balls, unravel them. Yes you can unravel them.
Spread out until it's pretty thin.
 Tear into sizes twice the size of  the nail I want to remove the polish from.
Pour polish into lid of remover.
Dip end of cotton into remover, make sure only about half or a little less gets remover on it.
Set on nail. Wait like 45sec-1min.
To remove push down on nail and slide off towards the end.
Most of it should come off! You can do a lil' touch up if needed.
This will easily remove base coat, color coat, design, and top coat.

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