Saturday, February 12, 2011

How To:

Hi! so, finally at Wal-Mart yesterday I got around to buying hair bleach, since I have been trying to bleach some hair pieces in various other ways, that all failed, such as hydrogen peroxide, and Clorox bleach. Doing this reminded me of Matt: such as when he bleached his hair nasty red as a freshman, and when I dyed his hair black, and I didn't read the instructions very well and got a lot of his skin blackened.. hehe. Here are the steps of bleaching hair:
Step One:
Mix the stuff together, follow instructions, and look at the picture! unlike me... I ended up  mixing the stuff in a cup, but it still worked. Then, find a willing guinea pig to practice putting the bleach on, such as a room mate.

Step Two:
Section out hair you want bleached, then rub lotion on all other areas to protect against unwanted bleaching, then, using gloves dip into mixture and rub into hair from roots to tips, wipe up any drips with a damp rag, before it starts to irritate skin.(for reals, it kinda itches)

Step Three:
Wait.. and wait.. watch a movie.. wait some more, watch it slowly go from brown to blond, be all excited with room mate every time you see the color change. 

Step Four: 
When at desired color, be even more excited and wash out bleach, and use the special supplied conditioner, because it smells delish.

Step Five:
Style hair as usual, while staring at your new streaks of blond, that probably only you can notice, but that doesn't matter.  Still be super exited and smiley with roomie.

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