Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 I do not expect anyone to read my internal feelings about my thoughts on my future, but I needed to get it out.

I think I have been stressing myself out way too much thinking about the future these last couple of days. It all started with me realizing I needed to decide on what classes I was signing up for for next fall. So, after looking up dental school's and seeing what classes they mostly wanted, I signed up for one of those classes. But then, I started thinking about how I first need to graduate this school to go to Dental school, and I started thinking on my major. Mostly, I do not want to do a Biology major, that just sounds horrid. So... I then started thinking about majors, do I do Business? Art? I dunno! So, I started thinking art, and then I thought no, because if I don't go to Dental school, that would do nothing for me. So I am thinking business, which means I need to start taking business classes, and do I even like business classes? I dunno. And what business class should I take? So, I decided to just sign up for my GE's and realized how many more I have to take since Bio and Chem took up so much of my time this year. So, I decided on all of those. But then, that forces me out of taking classes that might help with a major. I am back at square one. I think.. I need to take a business class and see if I like it. But, at least I do know that I still want to go to Dentist school.. which means, I also need to study super hard, and decide on what I need to take for that! *deep breath* okay. venting. done.
On a happier note, I have decide that this summer I am going to work, and do a Photo-shoot at the Salt Flats, and maybe visit St. George, and also I would like to job shadow a Dentist and an Orthodontist. Also of course, the normal swimming, and hanging out, and maybe some boating. Yup, that's it so far! But, I am totally looking forward to it.

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