Monday, February 14, 2011


I have always celebrated Single Awareness Day, most people celebrate Valentine's. Well, I kinda celebrate both, without Valentine's there wouldn't be SAD yeah? Anyway, I don't really have any plans for it. But, the weather is super amazing outside, 63 and sunny, really windy, but because it's so warm it doesn't feel bad. :) I was supposed to get a little package from my parents today, but it didn't come. So hopefully by tomorrow. I remember when I was little having classroom parties every year for this holiday. Where I got to decorate a shoe box, or make a huge paper heart, and everyone would bring a valentines for the rest of the class, and you could eat the candy for the next month you got so much. I always loved holding my big box of candy on the bus ride home and everyone would be telling others how much better their candy supply was then everyone elses'. gotta love children. Oh, today is day 100 on my other blog if ya wanna check it out! Well, from me to you! I love you! and Happy Valentine's Day!

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