Saturday, September 15, 2012

I made my Tight Collar, Looser and Cuter.

So, I hate crew neck shirts.
I feel like I am being strangled by them.

But, every awesome bear, wolf, and any other free t-shirt you get,
is crew neck. It's terrible. 
SOOOOOO I discovered this awesome way
to keep it crew, and nice and loose. 
It also won't fray and look all cray-cray. 

What You Need:
Scissors and your T-Shirt

Step 1:
Locate seam that you will be cutting above.

Step 2:
Cut along seam with your scissors, just make sure you don't cut the seam.

Done!! And you can even wear the cut off collar as a super awesome headband
that matches the shirt you're wearing.


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