Friday, August 10, 2012

I did feathered nails

SO my Olympic nails finally had to go. 
I painted these while watching the olympics though. ;)
 I think it turned out cute, and kind classy-ish.
They look good.

what you need:
Nail Polish- obviously. I used:
Maybelline color show- Audacious Asphalt (whole nail)
Revlon- Jaded and Blue Lagoon(stripes)
Kiss Nail Art paint- silver, white, and black(stripes)

the kiss nail arts are good because they have little brushes perfect for what I was doing.

step uno:
base coat. I did about 3 layers, making sure they were completely dry between coats

step dos:
Stripe it up! I started with black, then white, then blue, then green, then silver on top.
Take the small brush, make sure there isn't too much polish on it.
Put the tip to the lower corner of your nail and brush towards the opposite corner,
make sure you lighten up the pressure when you want it to get wispy.

step tres:
Clear coat, make it look completed and last longer. 


I have also enjoyed looking at these Olympic Meme's I hope you get a little laugh from them:

Hunger Games

Mean Girls

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  1. Nice color, I like it ;3