Saturday, August 4, 2012

I have some Super Wants for School

Okay, so I love clothes. A lot.
I would love to get more than just these. 
But these are things that are turning into fashion needs for me.

Red Heels:
They add such a fun pop, and match pretty much anything!!

Straw Hat:
I just think it's adorbs and classy, saw so many of these in Europe.
Especially at the super classy FrenchOpen

So fun! It's for the classy hippy.

A Pop of Neon:
I want something neon and poppin'. Neon is super coming in, and I am not in.

Statement Necklace:
I have seen these look good with t-shirts, blouses, and tanks. I want. 

Thick Eternity Scarf:
It just looks super comfy warm. and cute. of course.

 Sooo.. Yeah. Hint Hint. If any of ya see a good deal on any of these. Do Tell! 
Also, I like really like Big Metal Flamingos:

And Hamburgers(especially from Hires):

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  1. ciekawy post! :)