Saturday, October 8, 2011

DIY Braided T-shirt Scarf

Yup, I did another scarf.
This time it is a braided one.

1-2 t-shirts.

Step 1:
Cut off hem.
cut shirt into wides strips horizontally.

Step 2:
Stretch them out

Step 3:
Take 2 loops put together.
Take 2 more loops, put together.
attach these together. 

Step 4:
Braid both sides. 
To finish off braid, loop the ends around each other to form a type of knot. 

Step 5:
To each end of these attach another loop.

To the end of one of these loops, attach 2 more loops.
Braid this. 

Step 6:
Take the hem that was cut off, cut it so it is in a strip, not a loops.
tie this around both ends to connect your scarf into a loop.

you can double, triple,  or quadruple loop it!

Also.. bracelet. I followed my Other T-shirt scarf idea, but smaller with a shirt sleeve.

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