Thursday, December 15, 2011

I made a Sweatshirt Scarf

So, I have this super huge sweater.
I accidentally got bleach on the sleeve,
it looks like boogers.
So I didn't like wearing it.
But now I will!
Perfect winter scarf. :)

What You Need:
1 Large Sweater
Needle and Thread

Step 1:
Cut off the bottom, I cut if off right below the armpits.

Step 2:
Cut that piece into thirds,
leave about 1'' at the end so it doesn't separate

Step 3:
Scoot aside the outside thirds.
Take the inside 3rd and cut it into thirds.

Step 4:
Start braiding!
It will begin to braid the other side,
since it is in a loop.
So keep an eye and braid both ends at once.

Step 5:
When both braids meet in the middle grab the 
middle one, pull it down.
Take the outside ones, stick them together.
then sew those two outside ones together.

I clipped on a flower, and thought it looked cute.
It looks cute with and without.
Also, it is super duper warm.
Perfect for the Winter Season!

Also, the pizza man is AWESOME

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