Friday, March 18, 2011


How much do I love warm weather? SO much! Today it reached the 80s, yummy. After my classes I just feasted on the sun being on my skin. I even did the remaining of my homework outside, it almost made it more bearable, it was amazing!

Here is a list of things I love about Warm Weather:
1) Your skin can soak up some needed Vit. D while getting a nice tan.
2) You can go swimming.
3) You can hang out outside.
4) You don't have to wear a jacket, so your outfit doesn't get covered up.
5) Everyone seems happier.
6) It means school is ending.
7) You could go fishing.
8) You can do jump-rope.
9) You can do sidewalk chalk.
10) You can.. do anything your heart desires!..(as long as it isn't snow related)

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