Friday, January 27, 2012

I made a Crochet Hat

This is the first hat I have ever made.
I love it a lot. 
I am not sure how to describe how to make a crochet thing.
but... here it goes!
Feel free to ask questions or comment.

what you need:
Crochet Hook G 4.25 MM

Step 1:
Start off by making a chain as big as you want to fit around your head.

Step 2:
After this you will do a single crochet stitch for 3 rows
But, you go through both of the top loops,
and not just the one furthest away.
This creates a thicker, less stretchy part.

Step 3:
On the 4th row do a single stitch,
but do it on the loop below the loops you would
normally stick the crochet hook through.
This creates the rib, because the two top loops end up sticking out.

Step 4:
Single Crochet for 3 more rows, or however desired.

Step 5:
On row 7 alternate between a triple stitch and a single stitch.
On row 8 do a single stitch.

Repeat step 5 for about 24 rows, or your desired length.

Step 6:
When you want to bring the hat to a close on each of the 
triple stitch rows and on each triple stitch skip a loop and go to the next one.
This makes each row smaller.
Continue stitching as in step 5 but bringing it in each triple stitch.

Step 7:
Tie it off!

It has a fun Reggae feel to it.

Also, This weather is crazy!! but awesome!

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