Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Clountdown

  • 4 more days of class
  • 3 more days of 7 am class
  • 9 days until my first final
  • 11 days until my last final
  • 12 days until I go home
  • 7 days until Easter
 Am I exited that this school year is winding down? duh! I have had so much fun, and I have gained so much experience and have grown up a lot this year being away on my own. But also, it is good to be going home again, to have my childhood places back, be able to hang out with my friends at home and share our college experiences. I am exited to start working again, and earn money to re-boost my bank account. I also want to thank my family for the opportunity to spread my wings and come across the country.
I am super excited to see these people:

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